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JW Shears
JW and Our Story

Quite apart from the obvious performance potential, there are two core principles that separate JW hair cutting shears from everything else on the market. One is that certain ideals should never be compromised. The second is that standards are worth any sacrifice to maintain.

These principals are based on a desire for a certain kind of purity. Of having faith in an unshakable ethic that isn’t a slave to trends, the flavor of the month, or an opinion poll. We build hair cutting shears for people who understand those principles. And for those who share our passion for a supremely competent tool working at its full potential everyday. For hair stylists who demand that kind of experience, there is no substitute.

The JW shear is the product of an evolutionary process that is unique in the world of hair cutting shears. JW is the reflection of our core belief that honest and dedicated effort is what defines us - Just Work. It is the inspirational tool that started the process with the desire to build a pure cutting tool uncompromised by the need to appeal to a broad spectrum of stylists. Our lineup of shears is the best example of that process. And they’re just as uncompromised and pure in purpose as their ancestors.

Shears are purchased for about as many different reasons as there are stylists. But there is only one reason to buy a JW Shear. Its called the passion for hair cutting. It is so much a question of raw power, or perfect grip. It has to do with the relationship between a stylist and a shear. The two-way communication links provided by a superb cutting edge, a precise balance, and a magic fit.

By its very nature, a JW Shear is not built to be something for everyone. But it is everything to someone.