• 5.25" / 5.75" / 6.25" / 7.0" Size Shears
  • Engraved Handle Design
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Low Profile Tension Screw
  • Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Offset Handle Design
  • Convex Edge Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • X7 is a Barber Style Size Shear

X525 / X575 / X625 / X7

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    Item #: JWX-525

    The JW shear is the product of an evolutionary process that is unique in the world of hair cutting shears. That process began with the desire to build a pure cutting tool not compromised by the need to appeal to a broad spectrum of stylists. JW's line up shears are the best examples of that process. And they’re just as uncompromised and pure in purpose as their ancestors.

    The X series brings comfort, dependability, and creative style to a new level. Pair this shear with a GXRT Thinner, TS30 Thinner, TS14 Texturizer, or TS7 Texturizer. There are many great pairing options for the X Series to make a great matching combination! Choose your style.