Joewell Craft 01 Series Joewell, Japanese, Handmade, Silver, Chrome, Craft, 01, Series, Offset, Shear, Righty, Right, Handed, Removable, Finger, Rest

Joewell Craft 01 Series (CR01-)

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Beautiful and excellent design and balance.Total balance is good, easy to use, powerful and good sharpness. Suitable not only for ordinary cut but also for slide cut or such because of the bamboo leaf blade shape. For everything from wet cutting to...
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Master barber stylist

  • Sharp
  • comfortable
  • sleek
  • easy to use
  • The best feeling...
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I was the proud owner of Jowell shears and thinning shears.I love jowells!!! My good friend whom works for Facebook bought me my first jowells.I was so grateful to him!!! Someone broke into my home and stoled my shears.I would never be able to afford to buy Jowell again. I just want to say, they are truly the best !!! If you are wanting the best ,,, please buy Jowells !!!!! Im hoping to win the lottery so I can replace my stolen Jowells shears. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about my love for Jowells....


Donnie j.M

Reviews 1-1 of 1