• Polyhedric Grip 3-Dimentional Handle
  • 3-Dimensional Handle
  • Dry Bearing Screw with Decorated Silver Plate
  • KATANA Blade
  • Design for Easy Combing
  • Convex Edge
  • Permanent Finger Rest
  • Supereme Japanese Stainless Alloy
  • Lifetime Warranty
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    Item #: CR600-61

    The new Joewell Craft has a Katana blade that combines a sword shape blade, with a convex edge, to create Joewell’s most powerful cutting performance. A new 3D style handle gives you a truly great handling, comfortable, and highly professional scissor.

    With amazing balance, the Joewell Craft Convex hairdressing scissors have a truly quality feel. These Joewells also feature Joewell's convex pro blades which are great for everyday use, and are sure to be the perfect scissors for professional hairdressers.