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Joewell JGC 12 Joewell, Japanese, Handmade, Silver, Chrome, JGC, Texturizing, Series, 12, 24, Teeth, Offset, Texturizer, Blender, Thinner, Shear, Righty, Right, Handed, Removable, Finger, Rest
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Joewell JGC 24 thinner Scissors are an extremely high quality professional tool. This thinner, as the name suggests has 24 teeth and is one of Joewell's best selling specialized scissors, crafted by hand from a supreme stainless Japanese alloy making the hairdressing scissors life unparalleled in the professional market.With a light weight and smooth action, the satin finished handles and 24 tooth thinner blades really give this scissor an exceptional feel. The Joewell JGC 24 features thinner...